Credit Recovery

Registration Process

  • Meet with High School Counselor and/or Case Manager (names and numbers listed to the right)
  • Review transcript, determine courses needed for graduation, and confirm credit check
  • Confirm schedule with Counselor and teacher for course
  • Receive confirmation via email/blackboard with course schedule and other pertinent information to begin credit recovery classes.
  • Physical attendance is required.

Credit Recovery Courses

  • Math, English, Science, and Social Studies Courses
  • Class cancellations will follow District 833's cancellation policies in regards to weather, safety and other school closings. 


  • Students are advised to recover credits immediately following the trimester of a failed credit.
  • Summer availability is not guaranteed.
  • Credit Recovery is available each trimester. Students are encouraged to enroll in courses as soon as possible at the start of the trimester- dates vary by High School location.
  • Classes begin promptly following school release and end at approximately 4:45 p.m.


  • Credits are recovered using Online curriculum delivered by teachers
  • Students will receive a unique login/password for personalized online learning account
  • Mastery test must be taken at school site with instructor
  • Letter grades are not issued for credit recovery courses - all courses are Pass/No Pass
  • Students may work on PLATO online tutorials outside of school hours
  • Upon completion of enrolled credit recovery course(s), student may register for additional courses
  • No transportation is provided


  • Attendance is required for all classes.
  • Students may be dropped for poor attendance or behavior. Students are not guaranteed access for readmission to dropped courses.
  • Students are required to be actively engaged during credit recovery courses; daily progress is monitored and critical for success.

Current Students

Edmentum Tutorial


East Ridge High School

Jason Gonion

Assistant Principal

Park High School

Jordan Kraemer
Credit Recovery Lead

Gretchen Romain

Assistant Principal

Woodbury High School

Aaron Pozzini
Assistant Principal

Christine Silvis
Credit Recovery Lead

South Washington County Alternative High School

Charlie Cauthorn
Credit Recovery Lead