Building Security

Kids Club buildings are locked during summer program hours. Each family participating during the season is issued two key cards that will allow access to the building. Additional cards may be issued at a $10 fee. It is the family’s responsibility to keep track of the key card and follow all guidelines of card use. Doors should not be held open for other individuals; all Kids Club families have access to the building via the cards issued to them. Lost/stolen cards need to be reported to Kids Club staff as soon as possible so that the card can be deactivated. It is the family’s responsibility to return the key card/s to the Kids Club staff on the last day of attendance. A $10 replacement fee per card will be assessed to your Kids Club billing account for cards not returned at the end of the season.

Safety Drills

Kids Club complies with all district and DHS safety requirements. Regular drills are held in the areas of fire, evacuation, severe weather, and lock downs. Your cooperation during drill times is appreciated.

Outdoor Play Temperatures

Kids Club follows the outdoor play guidelines of District 833. We will go outside on most days. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately. When the temperature and/or windchill is at 0 degrees or below, Kids Club will remain indoors. When the temperature is 100+ degrees outdoor activities will be limited or canceled.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Under Minnesota State Law, all professionals who work with children are required to report any and all suspected abuse or neglect of children to the authorities.

Professional Development

A well-trained staff is one of our program priority goals identified by our families, schools and program. When Kids Club is closed the program is typically in transition between the school year and summer programs. During this transition time and typically on Presidents Day, staff will not only be preparing for programming but will also be participating in required professional development. It is also a state requirement for certified child care programs. Kids Club staff are trained regularly in health and safety practices, first aid and CPR, student needs, child development, social emotional learning practices and more.