Elementary Orchestra for the 2020-21 school year

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, elementary orchestra has been paused until further notice.

We encourage your to explore the opportunities for string education using the links below.

Click here to find out information about elementary orchestra

Click here for other orchestra information for parents

*Middle School and High School course registration was completed in January/February. If you have any questions regarding your child's selections, please contact the appropriate middle or high school's counseling office.

Our Mission

The Orchestra Department of School District 833, has made a commitment to prepare our students to:Orchestra

  • Recognize through aesthetic awareness that music is a part of all humanity

  • Prepare and present a musically proficient performance, along and in an ensemble

  • Make knowledgeable judgments about music

  • Enjoy and appreciate musical performances within their historical and cultural context

  • Acquire skills necessary for life-long music learning and application

Why Orchestra?

A community benefits from area schools that offer a full complement of fire arts courses, including stringed instrument study, to all of its students. A good string and orchestra education, as part of a comprehensive fine arts program, is a hallmark of quality school districts. Without a string program, a school district's curriculum is incomplete and its students are underserved. In every school, there are students who are inherently attracted to the sound of stringed instruments. Without a string and orchestra program to provide access to string education, students are denied the possibility of realizing their potential. Playing a stringed instrument enhances a child's quality of life. It provides creative, emotional, and social opportunities and can also lead to improvements in academic performance in other areas beyond music.